Try Dialogue, Not Friction, to Sway Ideas

2017 03 01   Peter Feinstein   Advertising    

There is always another way to look at something.

My understanding of M&C Saatchi’s mission – as described in “Think different: Can advertising defeat ‘alt-right’ propaganda? (The Guardian, Feb. 15) – is that it is to help bring focus to the opportunity for people to see other points of view.

Critical to the success of this approach is to avoid, at all costs, finger pointing, name calling or telling people the far right is wrong. Nothing makes a person more defensive than being told he or she is wrong. Better to offer an understanding of the right’s messaging but then suggest a different point of view on a more emotional, connective level. Humor, if truly well-done, can be quite effective, because it connects the power of positive energy in reducing the negativity and serious tone of the message it is combating.

We’ll see how this plays out; perhaps if even mildly effective, we may want to try and combat hate with love here in the states.