Quality Content Is Carrot for Consumers

2016 11 18   Peter Feinstein   Advertising    

The whole reason for buying advertising is to rent the minds of the people who are listening, watching or otherwise partaking in meaningful programming content. The more actively involved someone is in consuming the content, it’s thought the more susceptible they might be to a relevant advertising offer.

So when you combine extraordinarily entertaining content with highly topical/relevant advertising, you have a successful advertising campaign. That’s why there is such a clamor for great content (Content Is Still King, MediaPost, Oct. 28) – because you don’t want to run your ad – or your client’s ad – with subpar entertainment content that delivers little-to-no value, i.e., little-to-no scale. Scale wins. Every time.

As the generational demands continue to gather steam and momentum, we’re likely to see a tipping point when costly first-run content that has little-or-no entertainment value falls victim to the power of truly entertaining shows. (The New Golden Age of TV Is Hurting the Lucrative Reruns Business, (Businessweek, Oct. 19) It’s kind of like paying for YouTube; most who got hoodwinked to do that have found the smartest thing they ever did was cancel it.

When the content saturation point is reached, the money will fall away and the pied piper’s music will stop. I have to wonder how many, and which, shows are going to be without a home when the shell game ends? The smartest players are already planning their exit because they’ve already forecast the coming bubble.