For Quality over Quantity, Advertise OFFline

2017 04 10   Peter Feinstein   Advertising    

It’s no surprise that, as The Center for Media Research has found, “B2B Marketers Choose Quality.” (MediaPost, Feb. 16) At Higher Power Marketing, we’ve operated under the mantra of never wanting to have to apologize to our clients for the quality of the calls/leads we deliver.

And we’re good to our word. The reason? We don’t let our clients get involved in too-good-to-be-true online advertising, where conversions run in the 0.001percent range. In general – and I understand it can be dangerous to generalize, but in this case it’s based upon experience – online advertising produces the poorest-quality leads.

Yes, we could generate tonnage and leave it to our clients to sift through the debris for the single gold piece in among the garbage, but we choose not to. We prefer, even for our online clients, to take them into offline media – where we can apply the truly powerful principles of advertising and tell their story to highly attentive consumers in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Online advertising can deliver a lot of leads; no one argues that. But you only get out what you put in, and online’s Achilles’ heel has been, still is and shall be that it starts with no regard for quality, so you get leads that have no relationship to quality.

If B2B brands and marketers are really concerned with quality over quantity, they should be actively seeking ways to exploit the power of offline media – TV, radio and, yes, even print.