The Path to Predictable Growth

We can work with anyone, anywhere in their business-building process… from a person who has no experience in advertising to a “Grand Master”, and help them achieve their inbound call or lead generation goals. We ask a series of questions, the answers to which tell us where a company is in their process, and where they fit into The Path.

The HPM Path to Predictable Growth is a diagnostic tool that we use to help us correctly evaluate where a company is in their marketing and advertising situation so that we can provide them with the right tools to do the right job based on all of their circumstances.

We start by analyzing the media and work to decide the best approach to placing the message: either Cash Buying, (purchasing the advertising time or space in advance); or as Per-Inquiry Advertising where you pay on a per-call basis. Regardless of the recommendation, your advertisement will cost you less money and generate better leads for your company.

HPM offers professional media production services starting with action-driven content that generates excitement around your product or service. We take pride in creating radio, TV, print, online and mobile banner advertising that accurately positions your business in the marketplace, and gives consumers a truly compelling reason to make contact. From innovative products, to traditional services, let HPM create the right message for your company and then advertise it to the right market.

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