HPM's Team

Lewis & Clark

The Mascots

Also known as “The Boys”, Lewis & Clark have always been the Company’s mascots. 

October 27th, 2014 was one of the saddest days in memory, with Clark’s passing.  While he was old and not in terribly good shape, and I think in some ways uncomfortable with his physical condition, his passing was tragic for me and Joanne. 

Then on August 18, 2015, our boy Louie (who had turned 14-1/2 years old just the week before) was put to rest, in one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever been a part of.  Over the previous few weeks we’d watched him decline pretty rapidly.  He’d become mostly blind and deaf, with virtually no sense of smell, a heart murmur, heart arrhythmia and dementia that had overwhelmed the meds we’d been giving him to help keep him “here”.  He was at most times a lost soul, with only moments of presence.  No way for any self-aware creature to live.

All of these things made for a vacant life for Louie… Living in the dark and silence, with an ever-decreasing number of moments of presence. All of these things were so painful for us to watch. It’s with so much sadness, yet love for him, that Joanne and I decided to help Louie shed all these bodily-centered defects, so that he could return to peace and wholeness. We took him to the vet for her help, and she gave us, and Louie, what was needed. 

Our hearts were broken, more for our loss and the hole his absence will leave…but we have some relief that at least he knew it was his mom and dad who set him free to return home. He deserved to pass into sleep with us being at his side, so he truly knew he was loved, as the last thing he experienced here.

Please say a prayer, or whatever comes to you naturally, whenever it occurs to you today, so that Louie can travel the path of love he so richly deserves!  He’s the cleanest, most loving soul we’ve ever encountered!

Both Lewis and Clark first “joined” the company in April 2001, at just 7 weeks old… they are missed every day; their presence was a joy in my and Joanne’s lives!


HPM's newest Mascot

Nothing happens by accident; Hopper came to us as a rescue with a kind of muddied past, but his soul and energy were instantly engaging, filled with love!  His given name was coal, but as you can see, he’s not a “Coal”... then he was named BlackJack, which he didn’t respond to, and we didn’t like, so we just let it go.  Just before we brought him home Joanne and I were bouncing possible names… we agreed that it needed to fit his personality, really be “of” him.  As I said ‘Hopper’, Joanne’s face brightened telling me that I’d just said what she was thinking - and so Hopper he is!

Each day is an adventure with him; he’s becoming a joyous, polite member of the family… and we’re blessed to have his presence!  While we may have rescued him, I’m certain he’s rescued me!

Peter Feinstein

Founder, President & CEO

Dedicated, motivated and “tuned-in” Peter Feinstein, Founder, President & CEO of Higher Power Marketing has spent his professional life in and around advertising, learning the ropes of what works, and what doesn’t.

Peter is a results-focused person away from the office too. His favorite app, “Shine” by the creative minds at MisFit, is a tool that monitors his own healthy habits, and helps him make adjustments to keep him focused on achieving his own results. Which is a good thing, since once of his favorite places to eat is Scottsdale eatery Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers; to hear him tell it, “They have the best onion rings anywhere in the world!”

Having worked in several areas of broadcast media, from on-air personality to New Business Development, and Management, Peter has always had an eye for what’s “next” in business and technology.  His record-setting sales achievements and top-billing account executive records are proof that he’s learned and continues to learn how to keep his clients goals met and their advertising in front of the right markets.

When he’s not analyzing client data or working with his team to create action driven content or media, Peter knows how to unplug and recharge; his favorite vacation is cruising the high seas, floating away to some distant land with no alarm clock or agenda.

And part of his way of taking it easy on himself and others is summarized in something the Universe delivered to his mind: “You have the seeds of greatness within you, not for the power you can exert over people, but for the love you can extend to them.”